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Custom binders for all of your presentation and promotional packaging needs! Creative Packaging custom binders can be constructed in so many different materials and styles, you’ll have a hard time choosing. Vinyl, casemade, poly, metal—decorated in an almost unlimited number of styles and techniques. You’ll be sure to find the perfect style for your custom packaging. We have easel binders, paper presentation binders, stitched binders, pad holders, magazine binders—and more!


Vinyl binders are economical and can be customized in many ways to make your presentation, storage or promotional packaging uniquely yours. View some samples of our custom vinyl binder projects, then call us to create custom packaging that meets your unique needs.

custom vinyl binders

Glued smooth edges make our turned edge binders look like hard cover books. For a high class, traditional look and feel, customize your binders and slipcases with a wide range of cover materials and finishes.

casemade turned

edge binders

Poly binders are flexible, lightweight and durable. Ideal for outdoor or industrial use, they are water, grease and dirt resistant. Poly binders come in a wide variety of colors, and can be customized with decorative touches such as litho or screen printing and foil stamping.

poly binders

Easel binders double as presentation binders and are perfect for meetings and tradeshows.

easel and

flipchart binders

Use offset lithography or digital printing and film lamination on paper for stunning custom presentation binders! Choose from Creative Packaging's vast library of standard designs or create your own custom die for the unique design that will make your promotional packaging stand out.

paper presentation binders

Present the look of luxury and style with stitched binders and pad holders. Creative Packaging will customize stitched leather binders, zippered binders, pad holders and other presentation and promotional packaging to meet your unique business needs.

Menu Cover Examples -- CLICK HERE.

stitched binders

and pad holders

Custom Vinyl
Poly Binders
Paper Presentation
Menu Covers


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